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Sunday, October 10, 2010

the POPcorn theory.

You should be aware as you read my blog that not only is it about my adventures in Colorado but it'll also have a good deal of my own meandering thoughts...just fyi :)

Now I am sure that you have all seen the movie The Blind Side. And I think that we can all agree it was quite an inspiring film about reaching out and the impact we can have in each other's lives. Well last week I began reading Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy's follow up book to the movie, In a Heartbeat: The Power of Cheerful Giving and they brought up a beautiful thought. They call it "The Popcorn Theory" and it is basically the idea that you can't help everyone, but you can try to help the hot ones who pop up in your face. That's what the Tuohy's did with Michael Oher and look at where he is today because they helped the popcorn kernel that sprung up in front of them.

I think it's important to realize that sometimes we are the popcorn kernel but we should always be watching out for other kernels to help. I sort of feel like one of those kernels here in Denver. Moving away from California and most of my friends and family was difficult but the wonderful people that I know here in Colorado have been amazingly welcoming and helpful, a true blessing. Always being aware of those around you is important - realize that everyone is fighting some sort of battle, everyone has a story and you could make a difference in their life (now matter how minute) if you just pause and listen. So focus on recognizing the popcorn kernels in your life and let's make everyone's life a little better.

my faithful travel companion - Marshmallow!!

the Great American Beer Festival Group (Caryn, Bryan, Nat, me)
On another note, I took a fun day trip to Vail and Red Cliff with Caryn, Bryan and Nat yesterday and experienced my FIRST SNOW FLURRY OF THE SEASON!!!! Yes, I was beyond excited. There wasn't enough snow to make a snowman or anything but it was nippy enough to want to nestle up with hot cocoa by a fire. Oh and I realize in my last post I failed to put pictures up...lo siento! Here's a few recent ones:

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  1. Some really nice thoughts you have here. Thanks for reminding all of us what's really important in life. You have a great week! You are always in our prayers.